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Ian Filippini May Gray

May Gray Doesn’t Bother Ian Filippini

May Gray

Weather in Santa Barbara, and Southern California in general, is the kind of weather that everyone wants to live in (including Ian Filippini). It is never too hot, or too cold here, which makes the temperatures always comfortable and accommodating. Since Santa Barbara is on the coast, it does have some “odd” weather patterns at times. One of these interesting phenomenoms is what locals call “May Gray.”

May Gray is a term that Ian Filippini, (and most other locals), use to describe the weather in Santa Barbara and Southern California during the month of May. Due to the cold ocean temperatures and the hot temperatures inland over the mountains, there is a thick marine layer that forms. This marine layer causes the mornings to be filled with cloud cover and lower temperatures not characteristic throughout most other areas of the state.

Ian Filippini doesn’t mind May Gray because that means that by noon, the cloud cover melts away and the afternoons are sunny and filled with perfect low-mid seventies temperatures. May Gray may seem like a gloomy lead into summer, but most people that live in Santa Barbara aren’t bothered by it. To learn more about May Gray, go to https://www.santabarbara.com/community/weather/junegloom.asp. To learn more about Ian Filippini, go to www.seniortaxplanners.com and www.ian1031.com.